Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, March 06, 2011

A beautiful day today, have my two grandsons, Sam and Max with me. Watched a movie in the morning, then headed down south to the Homestead Speedway. Along with the Indy races they were sponsoring a Classic Car Show. Been so busy, it was a nice change of pace on this beautiful day. Something to do for free and get a little exercise.

Max was busy taking pictures of his favorites, which were many. He liked this big old Semi truck. Sam was into the muscle cars. I think his favorite was a Fieroe, since it was the one that looked most like a Ferrari to him. They both spotted out cars that their mom would love. They asked me what kind of cars I use to see when I was growing up and it made me think. Born in the 1950's, I started looking for the cars of my era and remembering what the streets looked like. My mom had a Lark, which the kids looked at and then looked at me like I was ancient. As I looked at the cars from the 50's and 60's I remembered the simple times, my first car, a green 65 Mustang, if only I could appreciate the craftsmanship of these beautiful machines then. I see them bright and shiny in the same condition as when they were on the show room floors a half a century before.

Love the color on this car, one of the cars I would have seen driving down the road when I was a kid, now it sits parked in a climate controlled garage, pampered by my friends Ralph and Carolyn. There was a time when these big beauties cruised and people would love to take their cars out just for a drive. I remember when fuel was under a dollar and we could travel just for the enjoyment of it. I remember my Dad taking us all the way to Key West for one of those drives. I would clinch my teeth, because the bridges that connected the Keys were a lot smaller and I always thought we would rip off the mirrors when on-coming traffic approached.

How about this beauty, this car is over 100 years old and it still runs. Henry Ford would be proud.

The details and pride put into each of these machines, make a beautiful show. I think as you walk around and find the car that your parents use to take you to school in it brings back memories of times gone by. If you listen to the people around you, while strolling the show, the stories of their memories emerge.

I just love the hood ornaments and was taken by each individual one.

I think that my grandsons got a real lesson in what it use to be like in the past 100 years or so. They asked questions and perhaps they could imagine what it was like when I was younger. If anything, they could see for themselves a part of history that is still intact. Instead of seeing pictures of what cars looked like at the beginning of their creation, the boys could see a part of history within their reach.

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