Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, March 24, 2011

I have had my first date in awhile. The last one was prior to Halloween and it ended disastrous. I ignored my rules, which gave me an important wake up call. Never ignore the rules.
My rules are what I think is simple. They have to own at least what I own. Have an income, a valid drivers license and not have any serious addiction. Their values have to be the same as mine, which doesn't mean their hobbies and interests have to be the same but their list of priorities have to be the same. My first priority is definitely family. Nobody gets in the way.
So after my date to be got the rules, and I made a call giving him one more chance to back out, he scheduled two dates. See there are men out there who can pay attention to the rules. My first date was nice, a movie and a meal, we laughed a lot and had good conversation. The get to know you stuff. Well, he called the next day after the date and said he had a great time, he scheduled our next date. We are going to have a little fun at the casino on Friday night. Now I can see how things go there. I do have the addiction rule. I hope that gambling is not one of them, unless he can afford it!
I will keep my readers updated on this guy, so far, so good. Wish me luck.

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