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I finally got a letter back from Waste Management, my guestions answered from my original letter. If you read the letter they talk about money as if it were mere pennies. I am going to forward a suggestion to them that they charge for each individual dumping and just take it off our tax bill completely. When I figured out the math, it costs a lot of money per visit. Why not charge $3 for residents, $5 for non and perhaps $7 for landscapers, etc... I think this way they will never have to turn away anyone, I think when they turn people away we find the trash in canals, vacant lots, and various other places. Then we have to end up picking that stuff up too. I also noticed in the letter that says how we have already reduced the cost of collections with the automated pick-up. You know what, I havn't noticed a reduction of any kind on my tax bill. They are always claiming that they are going to do things to reduce our costs, yet we never, ever see the reduction on our tax bills. If you are a home-owner you may want to click on the email address below and make some of your own suggestions. We have to stand up to government spending, even if it is, as they claim 50 cents a household. Don't believe it for a minute. They will use that extra money and still increase our taxes. Just wait and see.

Stand up for your rights, use your voice, send and email or make a call.

The Department of Solid Waste Management is currently testing a new Access Management System at our 13 Neighborhood Trash and Recycling Centers (TRCs). The system is being tested for future implementation and is designed to help ensure that only those residents who pay the annual waste collection fee are provided access to the TRCs. I am attaching a PDF version of the flyer currently being distributed. It provides details on how the system is designed to work and what information is being gathered during the test period.

When a resident visits the TRC, they are asked to provide the attendant with their State of Florida driver's license or identification (ID) card, as they have always been required to do. With the new system, the attendant scans the driver's license or ID to determine if the property address embedded in the bar code of the license or ID is a match against an eligible property address in our customer database. The TRC Access Management system will record the date and time of your TRC visit, the name and address on the license/ID and the type of material being delivered. No other personal information will be recorded. On-site personnel do not have access to the information recorded by the hand-held device. There are no plans to use this information to limit access to the TRCs for customers who pay the annual waste fee. The data gathered through the system will be used to enhance our ability to keep out ineligible users and improve operations at the TRCs.
During the test period, residents will not be turned away if the information in their driver's license does not match an address of an eligible property address in our database. However, if an ineligible resident (e.g. a resident who lives in an apartment, a non-service area municipality or an unpermitted landscaper) tries to use the Center, they will be denied access just as they have been in the past. While the system is being tested, you will not be turned away if you do not agree to have your license scanned. However, once the system is fully implemented, you will be required to have your license scanned to gain access to the facility.
When the system is permanently implemented, it will enable us to control operational costs by ensuring that the Centers are being used only by customers like you that pay the annual $439 waste fee. The total annual operating cost for the TRC system is approximately $25 million or $77 per household. The cost for the TRC access control equipment (hardware and software) was $161,000, or about one-half of one percent of the annual TRC system cost, which translates to about fifty-cents ($0.50) per household. The public information costs for this program have been kept very low; less than $2,000 has been spent on handouts and signage posted at the TRCs. And no additional personnel have been hired to implement this program. We conservatively estimate that implementation of the TRC access management system will generate an annual cost reduction of approximately $3 million or $9 per household. We are continuously looking for ways to reduce costs and serve you better, particularly through the use of new technologies like automated garbage collection and single stream recycling.
I hope that this information provides clarification of the TRC Access System. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me at 305-514-6789 or via email at pzp@miamidade.gov.

Pamela Payne
Assistant Director
Collection Operations

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