Written by Captain Mary on Friday, February 11, 2011

Doesn't really seem like a worthy topic, but it definitely got me rilled up. Let me tell you how much it angers me. It's back to what I say about this country, who slowly takes our rights away.
It was a regular day, sunny and I was working outdoors doing a little cleaning. Filled up the truck for a trip to the dump. I was just getting use to giving my identification so that I proved I indeed lived in the neighborhood and I was authorized to use the facility. I pay taxes so I understood that it was a paid service for me and the community taxpayers.

I approached the entrance where the attendant would check my identification and tell me what lane to go to. This time was different, I held out my id and the attendant took it from my hand, he began punching in my drivers license number into this machine. I literally yelled, "What are you doing?", he replied with telling me about the new procedures. He pointed at a new sign, which said in several languages that there is new procedures. I was very upset that Waste Management was now putting my information into a data base, not to mention how the costs of this new program is going to effect my taxes. Are you kidding, how many times am I going to be told that I can't be trusted. Now they are telling me that I should trust them with all my information. I sent this email:

Director of Waste Management

I can foresee the future of this country. I already pay for garbage, I went to the dump today to drop off some palm leaves as I frequently do. I didn't mind so much when I was asked for my identification. Today, my identification was taken out of my hand and my personal information was manually put into a scanner.

This indicates to me, first additional costs, such as the sign telling me, that more of my personal information will be collected and who knows where it goes. Now I find that this information is shredded afterward. After what, it is put into a data base, printed. Then does it record every time I am making a visit to the dump. Of course it does. I see that in the future I will be getting charged for individual dumping. Or will I be limited?.

It is just another chance for my information to be released into the public. If I can not be trusted, then why should I trust that my information is being handled properly?

I am sick and tired of this country tracking my every move. I pay my taxes, or should I say, my ever increasing taxes. By the way how many more people had to be hired to handle all this information. I demand to know how much this program is costing me and the tax payers of the county. Are you kidding, I have to tighten my belt, but my own community is making certain that I can never own my home or end my yearly struggle to pay taxes, which is more a month than my own mortgage. Does this seem right to you?

Tell me what will happen if I refuse to have my license scanned?

Thank you in advance for the answers to my questions.

Capt. Mary
Resident of Cutler Bay
Tell me what you think, do you think I will even get a reply?

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  2. By Anonymous on February 14, 2011 at 8:40 AM

    Very good, they call it in the name of advancement. When was the vote on that? Hmmmm, probably never, who in the commissioner's office has someone who works at the dump, nepatism....? I wonder, who is stroking whom..... big city life is rockin'