Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 15, 2008

I got inspired the other day, as an artist I get inspired by the strangest of things. My inspiration for this story was the day of the Killer Turtle , I know this sounds like it would scare kids, but inspiration is a strange thing and it is not easily explained. Please read the story and enjoy, I would sincerely appreciate your input on the story, this may confirm if I should continue on the path toward Children's Stories.



One sunny day in South Florida, along the sea shore, a boy named Max was playing at the beach. He loved the beach and he would come here often to play.

Sometimes, Max would search for sea shells and other times he would build sand castles.

This day was like most days in South Florida, sunny and warm until something surprised Max!

He looked up and saw something coming out of the edge of the waves toward him. First a head popped out and then some fins, "Hello, my name is Milo". Max smiled and said "My name is Max, are you a sea turtle?" Milo's reply was, "Yes, I am, what are you doing there Max?"

Max said, "I am building a sand castle would you like to play with me Milo?"

Milo was so excited he came out of the water to play with Max. Milo was really good at digging, so he made a nice pool near the sand castle. Max and Milo played together and made a great sand castle city.

Max turned to Milo and said, "Thank you Milo, we have made a really beautiful castle, and now we have finished".

Milo was starting to get a little sun burn, since sea turtles spend most of their life in the ocean it was time for him to return to the cool water. Milo turned and asked Max, "would you like to swim in the sea with me?" Max said, "I would love to swim with you, I have my mask, fins and snorkel right here". Max put all his gear on and slipped into the sea with Milo.

Milo told Max he could hold onto his shell and Milo would give him a ride. Not far away was a beautiful reef, Max and Milo put their heads down to see and watch the fish swimming among the corals and sponges, they also saw crabs and seahorses and lots of other sea creatures.

Milo told Max, "these are my friends and now you are my friend too".

It was time for Max to go home and Milo was happy to give him a ride back to the beach.

Both Max and Milo smiled at each other and waved good-bye. Milo turned and swam back out to the sea. Max picked up all his toys and headed toward his home along the shore.

Later that evening when Max went to bed he dreamed of Milo the sea turtle and how much fun they had together.

Each day Max would go back to the beach, just like he always did, sometimes Milo was there to play with him and other times Milo and Max would just wave to each other.

Max and Milo stayed good friends and would never let a day go by without saying hello to each other.

Illustrations by Cappy

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ MY ATTEMPT AT WRITING A CHILDRENS BOOK ”

  2. By Queenie on August 20, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    Mar, this is the cutest story ever. I would love to tell you that it surprised me that you could do this but reality is, I know how great you are and how good you are at the things you do. :)

    I am anxiously awaiting the Adventures of Shy and Sam now. I love you bunches.