Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, August 28, 2008

I am not talking about racial or sexual equality, I am going back to where women wanted the right to vote, and what happened to men and women's roles in the family unit. Today there is still no equality, but that is another subject.

What happened when women began to compete in the work force? Well, the first thing that happened is they left the home and the children behind. A respected and revered position in the family was now gone. What was it like before women left the home? Children had respect for their parents, because they were the driving force of the family, the sculptors of the children. Children were taught the important facts long before then arrived in schools, discipline, respect, focus and so much more that is now missing. Children can get away with just about anything now, its not that the parents don't care but they are exhausted from working all day and thus the children become the manipulators of the family. Something wrong there?
What about husbands and wives? Woman were once treated like a gem, doors were opened, they had a very important role and men knew that this was an important position in the family. There was no competition to make the most money or who should do the chores or who was going to discipline the kids, or who's fault was it when they turned out to be rotten citizens, or how much medication they needed to make them behave. Husbands and men, are no longer treated with the respect they deserved, for they are no longer the head of the household, now it is shared and competed for. The competition in the work place caused another failure. Yes, one parent was once able to financially support the family, even in hard times, because of the addition of women in the work force, wages dropped for everybody. This began a chain reaction, the institution of marriage had broken down, the management of our future leaders compromised. The community that was once there for each other is corrupt. It just doesn't stop there.
What happened? The job and the competition now is more important than the family unit. More failure, crime, divorce, corruption, disrespect and so on and so forth. How did our families become second to our occupations? And for being treated like an equal, which in this writers opinion will never happen, because we are all too different to be the same. What are we teaching our children? Power and manipulation is the way to get what you want. Is what we want corrupt too?

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ EQUALITY ”

  2. By Queenie on August 28, 2008 at 8:59 AM

    And people give hub and I crap because of the way we are. Funny though, we just stepped our family back to the way things should be. Our home is filled with love and respect for each other and guess what? Our kids are pretty damn good human beings.

    Loved the post today Mar. Valid points. I wish the rest of the free world would get it.