Written by Captain Mary on Monday, August 18, 2008

Today I had planned on going out on the boat, do a little fishing, diving and enjoy the sea. Well, today the sea will swallow me up and not to mention toss me around a bit. As I look outside this strange feeling of dread overcomes me, the sounds and sights of birds are gone. The dark skies looming over my house, not really rainy or windy yet, just dreary. Although my plans have changed I will be busy cleaning up the little things, the lawn chairs, the floats and pool toys, the kids swings, making sure that the boat is tied down good, cut the bananas and coconuts, they would make some great projectiles, all of that should take about an hour out of my day.

The track of the storm may not be directly over us but the dirty side of the system is going to be impacting us. My shutters are always over my windows, those can be completely dropped within minutes if the need requires me to do so. It really isn't unusual for us to have tropical storms during the summer, we learn to manage around these things on a daily basis, so really the only different thing we prepare for is the lack of fuel and electricity.

The most important thing to do during our time of confinement is to make certain that the children are not subjected to hours of the news about the storm, they don't need to be involved in the stress of the situation, instead this could be a time for games and projects. Children need to feel safe and as parents and grandparents it is our job to do that. Having plenty of snacks and things to do will keep all of us sane.

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