Written by Captain Mary on Monday, August 11, 2008

Lobster season is open and we are going to get our money's worth in tails. The weather was a little rough going out, we ran through some rain and then more rain. We arrived at our destination and put the top up because it was pouring cats and dogs. Did that deter our purpose, not a chance. We put the gear together and hit the water, the kids tucked under the canopy where they were warm and cozy after getting soaked on the way out. While underwater we could see the rain pounding the surface of the water, but we continued, we had a purpose and it was collecting lobster. This time we had enough people on the boat to get 30 lobster, and we were going to do our damnedest.

After a couple of hours Monica and myself were heading back to the boat with our bags of bugs, when we were accompanied by a Loggerhead turtle, it was a wonderful sight to see, except this guy was hungry. The turtle was hungry for our lobster, he headed right for us, like we were no threat to him at all. The turtle came closer and closer, actually too close, he had began to invade the space that sea creatures don't invade, Monica had to give him a little tap to get him away long enough so we could get the lobsters on the boat. The turtle didn't leave, he stayed near the boat, we enjoyed watching him chase down a lobster, this behavior was adorable, he would put his mouth down and at the same time tried to capture the lobster with his fins. The next group of divers was ready to hit the water, the kids floating toward the back of the boat, while still watching the turtle from the surface. (Photo by Monica)

Monica was keeping an eye out for the turtle, while Jason and Jeff started collecting more lobster the turtles behavior had become very aggressive toward them. He wanted the lobsters and that's all there was to it. Monica was in charge of trying to keep the turtle off the divers, Jason was to become his next meal, Monica yelled to warn Jason just in time for Jason to turn and give the turtle a quick tap before getting nipped on the leg, Monica was a great lookout but having a difficult time, for this turtle was determined to say the least. The turtle was chased off for a short time, but wouldn't you know it he came back to the boat, where Max, my 5 year old grandson was floating behind the boat. Luckily I noticed the turtle coming toward Max, I yelled to Max to swim fast and get out of the water now, I quickly pulled the rope that Max was holding on to and in the nick of time, just when the turtle was opening his mouth to take a bite of Max I pulled him out of the water. This is just crazy, we swim with sharks and all kinds of dangerous sea creatures and what you think is a cute critter, attacks us!! (photo by Monica)

The turtle still not fulfilled, even though he had eaten a lobster continued to track us. I guess there are killer turtles, all I know is that they have a huge sharp beak that I don't want to encounter. We couldn't get rid of this guy no mater what we tried, so we decided to move out of his area completely. The day got brighter and the rain stopped, we continued our hunt for dinner and by the end of the day we had reached our limit. Before heading home we went to a beautiful reef so that the kids could enjoy some sight seeing of corals and tropical fish, along with a shark or two, nothing we had to worry about. I am so glad that we can go out to enjoy the bounty of the sea and the beauty of the ocean environment. We never take more than we need, the problem with that is I eat seafood everyday, its nice to have the opportunity to have it fresh. I wish that summer would never end, the water was like a bath and we played in it for nearly 8 hours. What a great day.

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ WHAT! ANOTHER DAY AT SEA ”

  2. By Anonymous on August 11, 2008 at 11:06 AM

    All that lobster is making me hungry!

    Funny enough, the weekend of the International Air Show in North Kingstown, RI we were at a friends place in North Kingstown.

    We're all sitting outside talking, drinking and the next door neighbor comes by with what had to be 20lbs of lobster he'd caught that morning.

    It was noted that I knew my way around a lobster. I just grabbed the pliers and attacked.

  3. By Georgiee on August 11, 2008 at 3:30 PM

    mmmm them lobsters look yummy. Been many moons since last I dove for my own dinner. Very fun times. Your blog often reminds me. Thanks for sharin.

    The Royal Sis :)