Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, August 24, 2008

Illustrations by Cappy

Sitting in shallow water all alone was a little girl name Shyanne, she was just four years old. Her grandma was sitting just a few feet away reading her book. Shyanne was very busy with her beach toys, filling her bucket and dumping it back out. The water was a beautiful blue and the sun was shining brightly. It was a wonderful day on the beach, so quiet except the sounds of the waves hitting Shyanne's beach bucket. Shyanne's grandma was always peeking up to see what Shyanne was doing.

Shyanne was a special little girl, she was very smart and knew a lot about the creatures in the sea. As she was playing with her beach toys something came close to her in the shallow water and put it's head on Shyanne's lap. Shyanne put her hand on its head, petting this creature. The creature was not one that Shyanne could remember from her picture books, but it was nice like a puppy.

Grandma looked up from her book with amazement, when she saw something next to Shyanne. Grandma ran over to see what it was that Shyanne was petting. To every ones surprise the animal was a Manatee. A strange looking animal that lives in the sea but breathes air like you and me. Manatees don't usually come up to people and lay there heads on little girls laps, but there must have been something magical about Shyanne.

People came walking over to see this magical event, but it scared the manatee away and it turned slowly and returned to the sea. Grandma stood there without saying a word, because she knew that no one would believe her story.

Years went past and Shyanne stills remembers that magical day at the beach where she played with the manatee. This story of "Manatee and Me" is true, and it is hard to believe. The sea is so full of wonderful things that you may visit and see something that you too will remember for the rest of your life.

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