Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There are times when I look back in the past and say to myself, why didn't you get the message? My second wedding had to be the biggest collection of events that was trying to tell me something. Lets start with the dress, my mother-in-law to be stated I would love to buy you the dress, also mentioning that there is no way I am going to wear white to wed her only son. Problem there? During the wedding which was at Coral Castle in Homestead, one of those man made wonders. I almost broke my ankle walking in high-heels, my poor son had it harder he was wearing a cast. The wedding didn't have any problems, until we went to the car and found out that the windows were broken and my purse with all my identifican I needed to go to Aruba was gone. We were surpose to leave the next day on the honeymoon. The traffic to the airport was horrible, because there were riots in Overtown.
I got a notary letter so that I could enter the country of Aruba, no problem getting in. While enjoying our honeymoon I became so ill, I could not move. Still not getting it, Karma, Karma. Return flight leaves me in customs and the U.S., the country of my birth says you can't come in. Karma, Karma. It just didn't stop.

My lesson for this was you must listen to the world around you. The signs that are not accidents but signs that tell you, this is not for you. Change things, walk away, listen. Everything happens for a reason. While we may never know the reason till later, there indeed is one. Everyone you meet, everything that happens to you, is for your learning. I was a pretty slow learner back then.

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