Written by Captain Mary on Monday, April 25, 2011

Have you ever tried to work so fast, that your progress got slower? I have been working part-time renovating a small condo and a couple hours a day plus weekends finally shows some progress. I would have never been able to complete the job without help. My daughter and her gang pitched in, in a big way! My deadline for the job is May 1st, but today was suppose to be my final day of work, as well laid plans go, it didn't go. I ran into Murphy along the way, he was there every step of the way, this past weekend I had so many drops of screws, paint brushes, broken things, that I could only laugh at myself.

My final day was a day of cleaning and final paint touch ups. I started the morning installing a mirror, scrubbing and polishing the kitchen sink and counters, restoring them to almost original. Taping the areas that I still need to caulk, because I want it to be perfect. Fixing the towel rack that I broke the day before (set back), cleaning and installing the light fixtures and carpet cleaning.

Then I head to the bathroom for the ceiling repair, from water damage, more prep for caulking and installing the now reno-ed medicine cabinet. Time for me to repair the caulking around the bath tub, when I begin removing this creepy strip someone put down, instead of caulk. As I begin removing the strip around the tub, a whole bunch of tiles fall off (set back), now I have to clean and re-install them. I get my razor blade out and start scraping off all the gunk that accumulates around those things. Hours pass and it is approaching 6 pm.. and I am reminded that I am suppose to watch the kids, oops.

I got a lot of things done, but I still have to scrub the bathroom floor, caulk, and touch up some paint that I nicked (set back), finally finish up with the hardwood floor entry and hall. So, my final day, draws into another. Tomorrow I have to clean two houses and then head over to the condo and finish. If I have to work until midnight I will finish.

The condo looks great and I am so proud of the work myself and the crew has done. Tons of wall paper gone, pop-corn ceiling gone, cabinets re-done, closets even done, a head to toe make-over.

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