Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, July 20, 2008

I don't think we should dismiss ghosts or spirits, after all there are so many people with experiences, I for one have had many. I believe that there are more dimensions that exist in our life, we can only see part of them. I would ramble on endlessly about my personal experiences, but instead I will tell a few select stories.

After the passing of my Mother we gathered at her memorial service and I had just given my speech, I was quietly standing and waiting for my sister June to finish her words. Suddenly, without warning I was thrown toward the vat of Holy Water, I put my hands out grabbing the rim just in time to stop me from tumbling into the water. I don't know how it happened, but I was wearing a pair of my mothers shoes, perhaps it had something to do with it. Everybody witnessed this and laughed, my Mother was always up for a good prank. I can't explain it, but I was pushed by something that I could not see or feel. Funny thing is that it didn't end with that, I would be mowing the lawn and I could hear a voice calling me, the noise of the lawn mower didn't seem to cover the sound of the voice that was calling, "Mary, Mary", I recognized this voice it was my Mother, so clear and distinct with her Boston accent, as if she was right there. I stopped what I was doing and looked around, the shock of my Mothers death maybe. It was in the middle of the day and the voice was so real. This was not the only time it happened, for quite awhile mowing seemed to be the activity that I would hear her voice. Other strange incidents had to do with a picture on the wall of my Mom and myself, once not even in the room I heard a sound, it was the picture it flew off the wall, I mean it flew. After that happened a couple of times, I glued the picture to the wall, but it didn't end there, the frame would come apart, it always happened at key times, when something upsetting was going on or if we were talking about her, today it still happens, we just make the repair and continue what we were doing. I was not the only one who had experiences with Mom, my Dad had many experiences while in his bed at night. It got so bad he didn't want to sleep in his own bed. The worst night was when he felt something grabbing his leg, he looked up and didn't see anyone or anything and then he was nearly pulled out of the bed, he was convinced it was Mom. My brother, Charles, also had strange experiences with his son, who was born after my Mom's death. Connor was very young and just beginning to speak, he was looking at a picture of my Mom, who he had never met and his first words were "Mama", remembering he has never met this woman and that was the name that all the grandchildren called her, it continued, my brother was so convinced that it was just a crazy coincidence that he tested Connor with other photos and got the same reply. How did this little guy know her? Creepy huh!

My husband passed away less than a year after Mom and strange things began to happen at my house. It started out with my grandson, Sam, who was very young about 2 years old. Sam would spend a lot of time with Grandpa, they would talk to each other all the time, a 2 year old doesn't understand that Grandpa is gone now. I was walking past Sam one morning and he was talking to himself, I asked Sam "Who are you talking to?", his reply was "Grandpa". Sam talked to Grandpa day after day as if nothing had changed. I think that children's minds are so much more open to these special phenomena. Eventually he stopped talking to Grandpa, he told us that "Grandpa is not there anymore". My daughter and I were sitting up late watching a movie, when we heard the kitchen cabinet doors open and close. Monica was in shock, and all I could think about was how my husband would do that every night when alive, because he was quite the midnight snack er. It continued to occur and after awhile we would just say "It's Steve getting his midnight snack", no big deal anymore, it had become a part of life. The last time anything else happened me and little Sam were sitting out on the patio when we saw a ghostly figure pass by the screen door. Sam jumped back in fright, I asked him "what did you see?, his reply was "Grandpa Steve". We never heard from Grandpa again after that night.

My last experience and perhaps the most memorable, was a late afternoon on a summer day. Monica called me and said "I ran out of gas, but I am stuck on the highway, with no place to pull off", I immediately jumped in my truck with a gas can to rescue her. Monica was stuck on a main highway with no place to pull off and her three children were in the truck with her. I arrived and the sun was beginning to set, both of us had our flashers on to indicate to approaching traffic we were in distress. I parked behind her, and I gave myself quite a bit of extra room, sometimes you just get feelings to do things. I sat in my truck while Monica was fueling her vehicle, traffic passing carefully by, that was short lived. All of a sudden a car slammed on its brakes just in front of Monica's truck, causing the semi tractor trailer behind that vehicle to loose control of the 2 trailers it was towing it began to jack knife. Before I could think or do anything I was struck by the last trailer, it slammed me into the side railing and tore the drivers side of my truck to shreds, I was so concerned with Monica I didn't realize I was even hit, at same instance I was watching the first trailer hit Monica standing in the roadway, what I saw shocked me. The image of watching what you think is going to be the death of your child right in front of your eyes. Around Monica was a white cloud, I could hardly make out her features, her truck was struck by the trailer and so was she. The white cloud surrounding Monica had protected her and she was gently turned around at the same time she had dropped the gas can. I was trying to get to her but my truck was damaged so badly I couldn't get out of my door. I heard the kids screaming and finally got to my daughter, who by this time nonchalantly put the gas can in the back of the truck and tended to her children like nothing had happened. The only injury Monica had was a couple of scrapes on her shoulder and her forearm. I know I saw the cloud around her, and it was confirmed by her youngest child Max, who told me "Mommy was in a cloud, did you see it?" I thought I was going nuts but I wasn't the only one. I talk to Monica about it and we are convinced that it was my Mother, who told us she would always be looking after us. All I know is that I have an angel who watches over me and my family. Do I believe in ghosts or spirits? You bet, they have made my life quite interesting.

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  1. 3 comments: Responses to “ FACT OR FICTION? GHOSTS? ”

  2. By Queenie on July 20, 2008 at 9:33 AM

    I have been able to speak to people in my life who have passed. And I do get visual visits from time to time. I don't think you and I ever have talked about any of this stuff before. Why is that?

  3. By Sex Vixen on July 21, 2008 at 4:12 PM

    well I have also had experiences with ghosts, besides the one already mentioned. Once when I was a little kid, my grandparents, myself and my brother were going to their house in Clermont, FL. As we were driving through a dark neighborhood, we saw (my brother and I) a white figure of a small child swinging on a swing outside. There was no one around, it was pitch black, but we saw it. My grandparents, at that time, didn't believe me, but I know it happened because my brother saw it too.

  4. By JT on July 22, 2008 at 8:27 AM

    I share the same experience with Sex Vixen (my sister) but a handful of other stories that relate to my grandparents old house in Clermont. This house has been in the family for the 20+ years, originally bought with windows riddled with bullet holes. No one knows the history but there have been more than 20 people that can contest to multiple, multiple encounters with spirits. I have personally had water faucets turned on, TV's turned on and off, pool table balls move around the table, sounds of pitter patter of little feet on the old wooded floors. To this day there is a section of this house (yes, at 32 years old) that I can not walk down with out looking over my shoulder. With out any doubt this so called fiction is more than just a fact for me.