Written by Captain Mary on Monday, July 07, 2008

This year I did not escape the US, but I hear if you have a backwards party you can reverse your age. Today I did nearly nothing as it should be. I did interview a potential new client for House sitting and animal sitting. The family was approved, I get to stay in a wonderful room with a giant tub and its in the country, so I have plenty of space to roam with the Kritters. My friends and family all called to say Happy Birthday! I just love them all.

Tonight I am going to go to my TaekwonDo class, during our bow out the Instructor, Jesse called me to the front of the class and had the whole school sing Happy Birthday to me. Shelah came walking across the mat with a Birthday Cake with one candle that I couldn't even blow out on the first try, due to our extensive work-out, what a great laugh everyone had. I looked so funny next to my Instructor which is 6'5" and me 5' nothing, I wish I had a picture, I am officially the oldest women in the school. After class my son and daughter are taking me out to dinner. I am really in the mood for seafood. We ended up going to a Sushi buffet and I ate until I couldn't move. But before we went I came home to a mass of streamers and I admit that it was hysterical, I couldn't even get in the front door. I had a great birthday and I am working on the next one, let the adventure begin.

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY ”

  2. By Merle on July 9, 2008 at 7:47 AM

    Hi Captain Mary ~~ A very belated
    Happy Birthday. I am sorry I didn't know when it was. I hope you enjoyed all the celebrations. Take care,
    Love, Merle.