Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, July 13, 2008

Today I say good-bye to Molly, Veronica and Zoey. I have finished my House/Animal Sitting job. Molly the dog was so afraid when I first arrived but by the time I left we were playing and having a good time. Veronica the Calico cat had no problem with me at all. In the middle of the night I would look up and find her cuddling next to me. Veronica was rescued when found as a small starving, ugly little cat. She appreciates humans and is just a lover.

Zoey which I was told was a Scaredy Cat came out quite a bit to say hello. Zoey was rescued when she was found being eaten by a dog off the side of the road, all bloody and most of her hair missing. That might be the reason she is so skittish. I will miss the quiet of the country, but I won't miss the drive, especially with with the gas prices.
If you live in the Miami area and could use a reliable Kritter Sitter don't hesitate to email me at

P.S. Not much to do in the country so I ate a whole box of sugar free fudge pops. My mouth was frozen for hours.

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