Mom's B-Day

Written by Mini on Monday, July 07, 2008

Well, the story begins many moons ago. My mother came up with the idea that if she left her native country on her birthday, she would not increase in years. For the past few years, she had been boating over to Bimini for a few days, one of which being her birthday. Well, this year that was not the case. The seas were bad because of some tropical storm that we are about to experience soon. So there had to be an alternative.

Mom, by her counting is probably about 30 or so. I tell her that she is catching up!!! So trying to make her day somehow, I decided to decorate the living room. I had skipped going to Taekwondo to set up. In the meantime, she was at TKD, so I knew exactly how much time I had to work with. Once I was finished it looked like a streamer spider was in the house!!!!

I waited patiently for her and my brother to arrive back at the house. We were going to be taking her to dinner, but she did not expect to walk in to this...

She laughed hysterically as she broke her way through the streamers to get in to the house. The both of them had to go through an obstacle course to find a place to stand. Streamers were everywhere. It was a lot of fun decorating it too, thanks mom for giving me a reason to do something crazy!!!!!

After they took their showers we went out to a Japanese buffet, wonderful!!! Still stuffed as I am sitting here blogging. Back at the house of streamers, mom blew out a couple of candles and we ate ice cream cake. It was late already, so the night ended quickly.

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  2. By Captain Mary on July 8, 2008 at 8:01 AM

    You guys are the best. I love you. Always keeping my world happy and exciting. I have to stay young just to keep up.