Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think it would be ignorant to assume that there is no other life other than whats on this planet. There doesn't appear to be an end to the vastness of space, nor have we even begun to explore but a portion of it. O.K. lets say you agree with that statement, now lets explore some more ideas. I do believe that animals, plants and other life does evolve, for example there was a time when mosquito's could only breed in fresh water, then brackish water, now we have salt water mosquito's, and it didn't take that long to accomplish. How about those fleas, we have or should I say had these great topical treatments we put on our pets and they worked great, now, I don't know if its just me but none of them seem to work at all, thus the super flea is created. This is evolution. Whether it is natures way of preserving the species from environmental or from man-made chemical changes, things seem to evolve. Are you still with me?

The big question, how did we get here? So many different theories are out there, I think about the movies and television shows depicting lots of aliens and you know they aren't that far fetched in my opinion. When I was about 18 years old I walked out of my front door and something in the distance caught my eye, my younger brother was standing right next to me. The both of us were looking into the sky at an object, within a split second this object was directly over us and it was gigantic, another second and it was gone. This object never made a sound, it was disc like, silver and white, to this day I can't get the picture of it out of my head. The only thing I could do was look down at my brother and say "You didn't see that did you?" I know I am not alone when it comes to this subject, there are people who swear they have seen unexplained sightings.

I am sure about now you are wondering "what is her theory?", well, I believe that a long time ago aliens would visit this planet, perhaps just watching, learning, hell it could have just been a field trip for educational purposes, maybe just explorers like Christopher Columbus. I think and remember this is just one persons opinion, it all started in Egypt, why Egypt? I will explain, I believe Egypt has more unexplained and advanced proof that something extremely intelligent inhabited this portion of our world. Evolution says we came from apes, what happened only some apes evolved and the rest stayed as apes, well that really isn't how evolution works is it? Lets say for a moment that another life form, obviously more intelligent or they wouldn't be able to travel here in the first place. They looked around and perhaps saw the apes and decided to do a bit of genetic engineering, mixing the genes of themselves with our apes. Wallah, they have a creature that is now starting to walk upright. As they continued to mix their DNA with their new creatures they began to evolve into humans, the Aliens then picked some of the select ones to educate and teach a written language, some remnants are found in pyramids, caves, etc.. After some time the aliens decided that their experiment was a success or perhaps a failure, who knows, but they left, or did they? I think this is the only explanation on how the pyramids were made or perhaps how they mummified their dead, after all this time we have only theories on duplicating this same technology. There is just too many unexplained things on this planet, obviously we don't have the intelligence to explain it, we can only theorise. What do you think? Am I crazy or does this make some sense to you?

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ ALIENS VS EVOLUTION ”

  2. By Sex Vixen on July 21, 2008 at 4:21 PM

    i believe in aliens and evolution. what i know about evolution is that animals adapt to their surroundings so they will survive and prosper. Humans have adapted and evolved in many ways. Way back when, people only lived to the old age of maybe 25 years old. Have we adapted or evolved to survive now to be possibly 100 years old. It still does not explain how we (humans) evolved from apes, why did some stay that way and not evolve any more with our changing world???

  3. By Anonymous on October 13, 2010 at 7:04 AM

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