Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

....HOW MANY MORE TO GO? What a crazy question. I look at my birthday now differently than I did before. I would fight the thought of them and leave the country every time my birthday came. My thought was, that if I wasn't here I didn't get any older and I held at 29 for a very long time. The last few years I have been home and well, when I look at my face in the mirror it looks like they all caught up in a very short time.
I did realize one thing, I do feel loved and that is more than anyone could ever ask for, in a lifetime of birthdays. My friends sent greetings and wishes, one friend even hid a gift in my truck, good thing it wasn't perishable! It wasn't really hidden, I guess I just wasn't expecting such a surprise.
My wonderful children and I went out for dinner, the place wasn't the best part of the evening. It was a great opportunity to have conversation with my two very favorite people in the world. I look into their faces and see what kind of people they have become. Their hearts are so beautiful, they love unconditionally and I am so glad that I am on their list. My children make me feel like the only person in the world that matters. I know that I am not, but I sure feel special when I look into their faces. I don't know if I really had anything to do with the way they turned out, but if I could take credit for perfect creations, they would be it.
I think about the birthdays that have passed and the places I have been, I don't know if it would really be fair to ask any more from my life, since I have had so much. I have so many fantastic friends and the best family ever, I go to sleep every night and dream sweetly, thinking about how special my life has been. Even the bad stuff doesn't really seem to hinder my thoughts. I can only hope that the next year will be as fulfilling, for as each day passes I love and learn.
Best wishes to everyone who has another birthday, its not just another day, its another opportunity. The years pass so fast, it always gives me something to look back at and encourages me to look forward to each and every day.

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