Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I never thought I would live to see the day, that prejudice was put aside. The American people for the first time in history voted on the party, we were so afraid of having another Republican in office that color and race did not have an effect on the decisions of the American people.
I also noticed that the voters did not allow any more taxation, I feel sorry for the community colleges, but we are sick of paying for schools, we don't need more taxes, and the people spoke up. Money's collected for schools are going over-seas to pay for the war anyway.
Historical or not, the new presidency has to take on the worst mess I have ever seen. He has to deal with the last administration and state of the economy. With any luck we can end our involvement in the war and keep our noses out of other peoples business. What kind of example our we anyway, we can't manage our own budget and we have the arrogance to tell other countries how to manage theirs. How can anyone learn from a country that has made a mess of everything. People are loosing jobs, income, security, their homes, and the American dream.
I have a glimmer of hope that what the country wanted was change, and that this is the administration that can make this change. This eloquent speaking president is a breathe of fresh air, who speaks to the American public as if we really matter. I am so proud of the American people, this has been the largest voting public in history, and America finally got off their ass to make a change.

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ A HISTORIC WIN ”

  2. By Queenie on November 5, 2008 at 7:49 AM

    I am glad we didn't hold anything up this time. And I think you summed it up nicely "America finally got off their ass to make a change."