Written by Captain Mary on Monday, November 03, 2008

I have pondered this question in my mind, getting ready for the election. As I spoke to friends and family, to get their input. Listening to the debates, reading as much as I could about the candidates platforms. Still, in my mind I can help but think, what I really need to do is vote for the Vice-President.
I know what kind of hate must be igniting around our candidates, and then again, how about old age itself. There has already been attempts on the life of one of our candidates and the other is just old as dirt.
So, I have concluded that, since the survival of the Presidency is in question, then I should select the candidate who has the best Vice-President. Am I being absurd or did someone already think about this?
Whatever you decide, tomorrow is the last day to have your voice heard. Please get out there and vote, mine is already being counted as we speak.

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