Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yesterday I was preparing to go to work, I was so close. I was sitting in my truck, looking through my day timer at my schedule for the day, when a lady pulls up in my lawn. This cute little Latin women walks over to me, I roll the window down and just figured she was lost. With her thick Latin accent I could hardly understand what she was saying, she said; "I was driving around and God sent me to you". My brow wrinkled in confusion and I asked her what she was talking about, again still thinking she needed help finding an address I said; "Let me see".

Much to my surprise we walked over to her car and she pulled out a box, I imagine she saw the confusion on my face and she began to explain why she stopped at my house.

She told me that she was driving around her neighborhood and stopped, she then told me a story of how her dog, killed a small kitten and the family was devastated. She found a kitten roaming around the street, picked him up, looked into the heaven and asked, "God help me, find a home for this animal", and she ended up in my yard.

I opened the box and looked inside, there looking up at me was a beautiful little kitten, I picked him up and he was shaking with fear. As I cuddled him he began to purr and my heart sank. Not that I could really use another animal. I told the lady that I already have eleven cats, she looked at me and said, "But god sent me here". That's when I looked up to the heavens and said, "Are you kidding me, when is enough a enough". I try so hard to not believe in things that I don't see or that can't be proven, but things like this make me wonder. Well, I can't pretend to fight fate, because everything happens for a reason. So now I have a new kitten, his name is Heathen. He is a beautiful little man, with a great disposition, now he has a home, even though it's a bit crowded he has found a place.

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  1. 1 comments: Responses to “ IT'S GETTING HARD TO BE A HEATHEN ”

  2. By Anonymous on November 5, 2008 at 8:24 AM

    Well she was right, who loves animals more than you? Enjoy him, he's so cute. Hey you were down two anyway.