Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, November 13, 2008

I recently wrote to the governor of Florida, which did respond, with my concerns and suggestions. I wrote about the taxed amount I pay for Schools, and how it continues to rise. First I mentioned that I do not use this service, nor does anyone in my household, I don't feel as if the American tax-payer should pay for things that they don't use. Our schools have become an extremely dangerous place for our children to attend, not to mention they are not learning what they need to know. Yesterday, another child was shot and killed, imagine you send your child off to school for the day to empower their minds, the phone rings and it is the police saying they need you to come to the school to identify your child's body!
The schools are so busy with the testing that determines how much funding the school will get and now who suffers, of course it's the children. There is four schools currently that are going to be closed if they don't bring up their scores. It is all on the students and teachers to save the school, if the scores are F's than perhaps the schools should close. The money that is collected from each taxpayer is not going to the schools, it is going to build stadiums and finance the war. Perhaps the people who are sitting at their desks milking the American public, with their six figure paychecks, should donate some of the money to the kids. After all, they work for the school board, shouldn't their first concern be the children. The only people with security and is the people at the top of the food chain, milking the American Public and children are being killed for lack of education.
Parents, you need to step up and remove your children from these institutions, they are not safe and the only thing they get to learn is how dangerous our world has become. Children should be protected and nurtured, for they are our future. How can we expect damaged children to live up to the expectations we put forth. We are loosing a precious commodity, it is our job as parents to do something. Write your governor, school board, anyone who can do something, we have to save the planet, and that includes our children.

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