Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have a special love for arts and crafts and want to extend that love to my grandchildren and friends when I can. I arranged a Workshop for the kids and collected all kinds of goodies and piled them on the table for them. The minute they walked in the door they began grabbing things and letting their minds go wild. The workshop started at 7pm and continued until I had exhaustion on my head at about 11pm that evening.

There was 7 children in the group and all their minds work in different ways. They created some fantastic ornaments and miniature Christmas trees made out of pine cones. They were most successful out of making a mess, but isn't that what makes it fun. It was nice that they exhausted some of my supplies that have sat in boxes and draws for far too long. Instead, they created things that will last for years and bring memories of the fun we had at Nana Claus Workshop.

The fun didn't end there, my 4 grandchildren spent the night so that their parents could get a little bit of a break. The next morning my son came over, because he had a school project that had to be completed. It turned out fantastic, Jason always comes by to do the kids projects, because I have so many supplies.

After doing some cleaning I realized that I had not made anything for myself. I proceeded to create a center piece for the table. I admit that I had as much fun as the kids did. I hope that this tradition lasts for years, it gives the kids a chance to get excited about the Christmas Season when they become part of it.

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  2. By Anonymous on December 14, 2008 at 8:08 PM

    My sister has many talents, but this is the perfect example of her natural gift of art. She just picks something up and out comes this beautiful piece of art. Never surprised Sis, but always thrilled at the thought of what you will create next.