Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, May 15, 2008

I had to renew my Captain's license, every 5 years like it or not. I go through a refresher course and am embarrassed to say the other women are dumb as stumps. They asked for the answers to the quiz because I got 100% on all of mine. I gave them the wrong answer. Well, they let you miss 2 questions. They didn't have the answer anyway. After all that we are told because of Homeland Security we must go in person and be fingerprinted at the Federal Building downtown, yuk. I can understand the security we are taking paying customers on the high seas after all. I got up at the crack of ass, drove to the train, got on the trail, road it to the court house. I got there an hour early. So I was the first one in line. I met a man who was also there for fingerprinting. I told him that I had forgot to take the 2 knives and a pair of scissors out of my purse. I told him I would just act surprised and I would let them hold it until I came downstairs.
Let finally let us in the Federal Building to go through the security check, ID's and all that, then the x-ray machine. I didn't beep, and my hand-bag went right through security, unsecured. As we walk past the check-point they tell us that the Coast Guard Office is closed for a week.
The next week I planned on the same ritual. You know I forgot those knives and scissors again. Security check time again and again I just walk through with lethal weapons in my hand-bag. First one in line so I was out and home before 9 a.m.. I feel so much safer knowing that people are in the Federal building with weapons.
Let's not forget to thank Homeland Security for giving me the opportunity to prove they suck!!!

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