Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, May 17, 2008

This story is not what you think its about. A busy day around the house people coming and going things laying around. The day before we had been fishing and left one of the fishing rods that had got broken on the back patio, not thinking about anything, just getting it out of the way.

I continued to go through the patio playing with the new kittens and noticed that one of them didn't come over to me. I looked around the patio and there Simba was, his little body hanging from the fishing rod, only his back legs touching the ground. He was hooked, it wasn't horrible or anything like that, no blood or gore, it was a perfect lip hook. The hook went all the way through, there were kids everywhere that day, but none got to see. I yelled for my son to come here quickly and grab the wire snips. Jason stood looking at Simba with a hook through his lip, by then I was holding this tiny little guy in my hands. Jason cut the hook out and Simba went on to play with the others, no worse for wear. After that day Simba was renamed CatFish.

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