Written by Captain Mary on Friday, September 10, 2010

Mention a "Memory Bear" and not too many people know exactly what that is. Monica is starting a new business just in time for Christmas.
What is a "Memory Bear", well, it's a stuffed toy made out of a blanket your little one carried around for years and you can't seem to part with it, but it is stuffed in the closet somewhere. Well, drag it out for re-purposing, and watch the smiles. No kids, well what about Grandpa's flannel shirt he always wore when he took you fishing, you could give it to Grandpa as a memory of your time together. Maybe someone passed and you want a happy way to remember them forever. How about that christening outfit that is now so yellow and is stashed under a bunch of junk in the closet. How about that outfit you wore on your trip to the Islands on your honeymoon, your wedding dress, your kids soccer jersey they out-grew. Got a cap and gown from graduation, what a great memory, let Monica make you a cuddly memory. There are so many special times that can be remembered, what better than having a Cuddly Memory Bear by Monica.

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