Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Saturday that was delightful in store for me. I was asked by my son if I was up for a bit of fishing along the canals near the Everglades. As always, I never say no to an adventure, no matter how small or large. If I think about the alternative of staying home watching T.V. or putting around the house, this seemed like a great alternative. Actually, I don't think that I really pondered on it too much at all.

Gathering up some fishing equipment and a backpack with some necessary supplies, I headed to Homestead for the days adventure. Not much of a drive toward our destination of a tree-lined canal. The day was perfect for a bit of a hike. The trail down the canal seemed endless and amazingly remote. It is great to live in South Florida, with a bit of a drive you can be alone without a soul around and immersed in nature. No sounds of traffic or people, just the creaking of branches and the ripple of the water. Some how a peace comes over me and I don't think about the walk or anything else. 

Casting lures over and over hoping for a bite or even a nibble. The water was clear enough to see the fish chasing the bait, but nothing big enough or hungry enough to make into the cooler. It didn't seem to matter much, as we watched buzzards circling and listened to the sounds in the swamp that surrounded us. Imagination getting into our heads as we thought about what could be lurking beyond our sight. Virtually alone down this abandoned road we enjoyed the day with its riches and surrounded by the sounds of nothing. Hours seemed to pass and without a thought in my head, it seemed like the perfect way to spend a day. 

Eventually, it was time to head down the road back to civilization. Instead we drove down some roads that had abandoned tree farms and canals, perhaps looking for another chance to throw a line out. We found a rickety old dock, down a rocky road, and an abandoned missile base. Another road to try on another day.  

Making another attempt at heading home, hunger struck me as we passed the "Gator Grill". We have passed this little hole in wall a bunch of times and never stopped. We walked in to this little place with this very pleasing menu. We ordered gator bites and frog legs as our starters. Ordered a couple of sandwich's and picked out or hot sauces among the counter full of them. Sitting outside on picnic tables we chatted and enjoyed the meal that was amazing. Perhaps the best tasting frog legs and gator that I ever had. 

Every time I hang out with my son, I find that I don't get home until after dark. I was surprised that we had arrived at his house while it was still daylight. We went outside to enjoy the late afternoon breeze and started playing word games and sudoku. Before I knew it the time was nearly 10 PM, an effortless day has passed before my eyes. I think everyone should spend a day clearing their head and enjoying what is really important.

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