Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, November 04, 2007

After the breakup of my second husband, I was in no hurry to rush into another relationship, but I was a little lonely, still young and full of passion. My friends would just drop in when ever they were in the neighborhood. This particular day I was in the shower, my usual friend naturally waits in the living room while I get myself together, the friend he brought with him doesn't. Washing my hair and pretty much oblivious of anything else, well, a naked man whom I had never met arrives in my shower, pulls the curtain aside and steps it. He reaches his hand out and introduces himself to me. I was a bit stunned, at the same time quite pleased at what I saw. We proceeded to get to know each other.
We started by selling everything we owned and buying a sailboat which we lived on for over 3 years. No clue on how to sail, this I learned quickly. It seemed like quite the life. We lived off the land so to speak, had to eat sea food, lobster sandwich's, crab snacks and an assortment of treats. We did have to get jobs eventually, that is if we wanted to stay alive. Didn't have large expenses but we needed a bit for essentials.

My last husband and I became certified Scuba Divers and I thought that maybe being and Instructor would be good. I did all the tests and schooling and got a job, taking people diving. Living in the Florida Keys at the time, there was a good market for that career move. My partner worked on the boats also, he decided to become a boat captain. What a team we made.

We would spend our days on the water and the evening too. After some time it was difficult to pursue these careers without having a stable base for operations. After a few years we got a little place on the water, where we got a boat with a motor on it. Well, actually the boat was mine, we spent each evening water-skiing or fishing or some other water sport. Life was wonderful. I would even say perfect. Who knows what happens sometimes, but things fall in separate directions, the life in the Keys, which is commonly called Keys Disease, overcame my partner and he ran around with other women. That wasn't so bad, but when he took another woman on my boat, well he crossed the line. He had to go. This was the saddest end, not only am I getting rid of a man, it was the free and wonderful lifestyle that would end.

He moved on and I remained, this is when I decided it was time for me to get my Captains license and have more than one career to fall back on.

I met him in the Shower and we spent 7 years working, living and playing in or on the water.

Still paying attention, everything that happens, does it for a reason.

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