Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have been hiding in my house for months, ignoring my life outside these walls for months. I am getting back to my very busy routine. June called me and forced me to go out with friends, that was my first step. Shelah called and took me to spinning class, that was another step.
My TaeKwonDo school called and they missed me, so we made a barter, so that I could return. Last night was my first night back, boy did I forget everything I learned. I was feeling great when I arrived, after an hour of spinning I was warmed up and ready to go. We were have a great time, kicking, working a little bit with weapons, its always fun to whap yourself in the head with a numb-chuck, (that's how it feels anyway). Then it was time to put on the sparring gear, I am totally out of shape, so I took it slow, with hardly any contact. Things were going well, and then a freak accident occurred. I was pulling back and my partner was lifting his knee, what is the odds of a direct shot to the Charley horse bone. I landed on the ground in pain, my instructor tried to pick me up, but ended up carrying me off the floor instead. My calf swelled up like a football that was over inflated. I had to be carried to my car, Shelah drove me home, put an ice pack on me and took care of me.
This morning, it is still swollen, but I am walking and soon to be on my way to work. My first day back at class and now I am hobbling around on one leg. Makes me feel kind of normal again.


Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world, to live so close to so much beauty. My sister lives in the Florida Keys and Sunday we all got together for some fun in the sun. It was suppose to be a 4 hour picnic with friends and family, but who could leave until the sun had disappeared from the sky.

The kids were almost invisible, because they stayed so busy with playing in the sand, volleyball, kayaking, fishing and anything else they could find to do. The time passed so quickly as we took in the beauty of the sea and the smells of the islands, the fresh breeze.

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Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A magic moment in history, the day after Martin Luther King holiday, we inaugurate the first African American president. I now realize where women stand in the scheme of things!
Our new president has a huge job to accomplish, like fixing a sinking ship with a band aide. That scenario is impossible, to show his intentions he could have saved the American public millions just in the costs of the inaugural ball and parties. I understand that the American public probably needed all the hoopla, but I would have seen it as his first intentions to make the reality of his words come true.
Perhaps, I am much more practical, I do have more faith in our new president, than our last, he has a job that no one would want. Today is a new day and I hope that the budget can be put back where our fellow citizens can stop drowning. So many citizens have lost their jobs, homes and life as they once knew it. The American dream right now is a nightmare.
Obama has lifted our spirits and hopes, but those are only words, we do have to step up as Americans and stand our ground to make the changes that count. The war is costing billions, there are people getting rich, but it is not me or you. This is what started our down fall and it has to be the first thing to change in order for our recovery to begin.
History has changed this day and I hope this is the opportunity to give America a chance to be great again.


Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, January 15, 2009

I have be waiting for good weather to go out on the boat and that time finally came. Last weekend the boating weather was just perfect. Jason, my son and I prepared the boat for its adventure at sea, first problem was the battery, then after getting the engine started noticed that something just wasn't right. Through examination, myself and my mechanic determined that the water pump had dry rotted. I was so determined to get out, I suggested to Jason that we take the canoe for a trip. We decided on the Everglades. A little preparation and we were off toward Flamingo.

We launched the canoe and began paddling out toward the 10 thousand islands. Crocodiles lined the shore line, fat and content. Continuing our journey we saw so many birds, the beauty of the environment can set a soul free. The peace and beauty of nature that only a few can be a part of, I find myself with a growing smile. Jason and I brought a couple of fishing rods and had hopes of catching a fish or two that we saw jumping all around us. We caught a few fish, nothing for the frying pan though, a few cat fish and one little shark. Even though we did not add anything to the dinner plate, we found ourselves filling the emptiness and loss of the sea, back into our lives.

I sometimes think that in a past life I was living on the high seas, or perhaps below them. I find myself to be most complete when I am near the water. I miss crossing the ocean toward the islands of the Bahamas and the sea between us. For now I am content paddling my way in the beauty of the Everglades and back country.

As the day passed, Jason and I paddled the canoe toward an island full of all kinds of birds, as we approached they took flight and only made the sunset more beautiful as they graced the sky with their silhouettes. The sun now set we paddled our way back toward the shore, where we donated a little bit of blood to the mosquito's. Looking up toward the colors in the sky and beauty of the day we decided that tomorrow we would do it once again.

The next day we launched the canoe once again, taking a different path through the wilderness, the paddling was easy and again we watched birds fishing and flying, along with fish jumping all around us. The day was uneventful, yet memorable, again my soul filled with the missing elements that make me who I am. The water to me is like fuel, like eating, or breathing, it is something that is essential to my existence. I hope that this fuel will help me continue through life's journey with happiness and contentment.