Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, April 29, 2010

My ride started out innocent enough. I am doing a little renovation on my bathroom. What I want to do is go as "Green" as possible on my Reno. My bathroom has a gray toilet and sink, which doesn't really match anything. So, I was looking to replace my toilet with a white one. I located a "Home for Humanity Restore," and then called my sister to let her know what I was doing. Since my sissy lives in Key Largo, I would sneak in a visit. My sister told me that she can get me a toilet from a recent Reno, from the Lions Club. After getting off work, and watching a litter of kittens being born I head toward the Florida Keys.
Making my leisurely drive, I cross the county line and begin noticing information signs. The sign said, "Drug Enforcement Check Point Ahead." "What!" I said to myself. I continue driving and notice police everywhere, pulling drivers over randomly. "Can this be true?" Have I crossed the border into a communist country? Do people know their rights, or are they being detained unlawfully, because they don't know. Are we rolling income for the government, is there a short fall somewhere and now we just pull over and pay. Does this sound like a nation of rights and freedom?
On my way out of town I stopped at a convenient store for a coffee. The parking lot and the store was full of police. After a few minutes they cleared out of the store, I couldn't help asking the cashier what was going on. The cashier didn't reply, instead the other customers standing in line jumped in on my comment. A couple of guys had been detained and commented that the police can do anything they want! Me and another gentleman told the guys that legally they cannot search your vehicle, without probable cause or your permission. The guys didn't know they had the right to say no! The police intimidated them into submission, to allow the search. I can't believe how the government is taking advantage of travelers. These poor guys weren't even on the rode, they were at a restaurant and in the end they got a ticket for too dark tinting. That is a ruse that is commonly used. Instead of concern with our safety and freedom, the police are taking advantage of us and finding different ways to make money from travelers.
I am just sick over this, how bad is it going to get before we put out foot down. I was hoping to get pulled over and be able to exhort my rights. Enough is enough. If this pisses you off let me know.

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  2. By Anonymous on April 29, 2010 at 6:12 PM

    Welcome to the Keys, the capital of illegal search and seizures. Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling doesn't it.