Written by Captain Mary on Friday, April 02, 2010

I have always enjoyed art, all kinds. For a few months I have sponsored an Art Class for homeschooling. For the past two classes we have focused on an Easter theme. We started with blown eggs, the first part of the project led to red faces and scrambled eggs all over the place. For this group the standard decorated egg just wouldn't do. Shy-Anne, my granddaughter, suggested a Lady Bug; after her suggestion, the ideas grew into creations full of imagination.
The first class concluded with a Penguin, a Bride, Zebra, Bandit, and, of course, a Lady Bug.
The second session of the Easter Egg decorating class, concluded with more imagination than the first. We ended up with more adorable characters; A Bumble Bee, Graffiti egg, a Groom, a Sea Turtle and an Easter Bunny.
I can't describe in words the great work the class did without showing photos. I think that this project, had to be the most fun for me.
We have done some amazing projects, beaded animals, Aboriginal painted boxes, home-made paper, that we made into Valentines. I hope that I can come up with more ideas to capture the imagination of these children.

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