Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, May 19, 2011

Got together with friends last night, within walking distance. A nice stroll lead me down wonderful tree lined buildings, with flowering vines crawling across their balconies. Came to the street that I was to meet my friends on and as I gazed down all I could see was one outdoor cafe after another. This has to be one of the mother load streets, when it comes to public intoxication.
Not really, the Germans don't appear to be drunk, I haven't seen one, not with my beer goggles on anyway.

Just sitting and relaxing until it was time to eat, then off we went to another location to get some good Berlin food. The location I am staying is referred to as little Turkey, because of all the food places, that is just fine with me, the food is fantastic.

After another night of serious sleep I rose at 9:30 or so, ahhhhhhhhh! Didn't do anything different than the Berliners themselves, drank coffee on the streets and enjoyed the beautiful weather. It is between 60 and 70 degrees, just perfect. When I say on the streets, I mean there are tables put outside in front of every cafe, bodega and anything else with a door. It is a good marketing tool, if you want to rest your weary bones, they have a sale. There is an unwritten rule that you only sit at the table that you will be having service at.

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