Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Oh my, yesterday was a moment in time that I can't grasp. So much happened in such a short time. One moment I am in Miami, the next I am half way across the world in another country. Right now it is about 1:15 am in Berlin, Germany and I have been here an entire day. If I ramble you will have to excuse me, I am adjusting to my new time zone of 6 hours plus.

Beginning the day getting ready to board my flight overseas, 3 hours ahead of time and thank goodness for that. It starts out with one delay after another, first my travel partner gets question about the validity of her passport, we work through that and then security, we are delayed because of the kitty cats, security wants to examine them, that is alright, but they want to take them out of the carriers in the middle of thousands of people. Finally getting them to agree to bring them into a special room I find that my purse has been confiscated and now I am being examined, that is after my scanning and brief sexual feel-up. I don't let anyone do that for atleast a month of dating. Working our way past the examines and Chris only suffering minor scratches we head toward the gate, where all the stores are closed, can't hardly find anything to drink, but Chris somehow saves the day, she finds a bottle of Jack Daniels, some coke and a couple of cups of ice. The day might be saved after all.

After some more waiting we head down the concourse with cats and carry-on, so close we are again stopped. We proceed to compress our bags, because now they say we have too much carry on, we know that is not true, but instead of arguing, Chris stuffs her giant purse into the cat carrier and I stuff my purse into my backpack. Before we complete our task, the security guard informs us that it is alright to proceed. Since that cats don't count as our personal carry-on! Duh! So close now, we get on the plane and begin our long walk to the cheap seats, again I hear someone shout "You have too much luggage", instead of responding I simply pretend that I didn't hear him at all. Well, it worked, just like when you are going into a high class bar that you are not quite dressed for, just keep on walking.

Almost 10 hours later, after sneaking some Jack and coke, we land in Berlin, with tons of baggage, waiting for our extreme examination. Well, we waited for nothing, we get our baggage follow the signs and we end up outside at the taxi stand. What! Chris and I were a bit surprised, but after the flight of screaming children, who would question it, we definetly got some Karma points for not killing anyone on the flight. You will have to excuse any of my miss-spellings things don't quite work the same.

We had to find Chris's new apartment and her friend Tim, so we could get rid of the 5, 50lbs bags she brought. A series of cab rides and we got to her new place, only to find that it is on the 5th floor, and there is no elevators. Ugg, I don't even want to talk about it!!!

The rest of the day was spent with our guide Tim making us walk through the entire city of Berlin, oh my, the sights and sounds, the graffiti, no camera. I don't think I can move another muscle. I finally put my foot down and said, "Take me to my bag, so I can check in at my hostel and get some much needed sleep". Another cab ride and I am at home sweet home for the next 5 nights. I go and find something to eat and have a beer, or course, just for research, that is.

I find a friend at the hostel, who has given me advice on the sights and sounds for tomorrows adventure, without my friends, so I may focus on taking atleast my first photo of Berlin.

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