Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Have you ever driven down the street and seen someones name on a street sign. Well, of course you have, I never really thought about it until today. A friend asked me to help her because she was hosting an event at her home, because a sign was being dedicated to her father.
The morning started with the plans for getting the refreshments and decorations on the tables. Across the street from a distance I watched as my friends along with community leaders gathered for the unveiling of the new sign. Lots of people joined in the celebration of Clyde Binson.
At the event I asked some of the guests questions about the dedication and found that the community had to go through application processes and city council meetings. Not everyone was approved for this honor, but Clyde was a community leader in his time and he is loved to this day.
I could only think of how much pride his family and friends felt to look up at the new sign, dedicated to a man who silently made a difference in his community. For years to come people will look up and wonder for generations to come and perhaps his legacy will never end. I know that each time I pass that street sign and see his name above the street I will remember what he meant to the community. Even though I never had the honor of meeting him, I do value my friendship with his daughter and if he was half as wonderful as she is then the honor is all mine.

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