Written by Captain Mary on Friday, August 05, 2011

I have a very old dog, Baby is her name. She is a constant worry for me, lately she has developed tumors, which I have managed, now her whole body has a terrible skin condition. I constantly brush and manage it the best I can, but she is around 14 years old and these things are common in old girls. Baby is always happy, she still eats like a pig and plays like a puppy.
The other day I put out a bone with a hole in the middle that I bought from the grocery store. My morning was a rush, I had a meeting and when I went to do a check on the critters, I noticed Baby was pawing at her water bowl. I thought it deserved a closer look, at much to my surprise, she had somehow got the bone with a hole in it, locked onto her lower jaw. Now poor Baby can't eat or drink, and I have an appointment that I can't miss. I got out some tools to see if I could get it off of her. With all my effort, the bone was over a half inch thick and impossible to break. What do I do now, do I saw it off of her face? How will I mange to remove the bone without hurting Baby? Time running out and using the dremmel tool, I failed.
Off to my appointment, thinking the whole time on how to get that thing off of her. Then it donned on me, that my son had bought this cutting drill, that should do the trick. I turned it on and it was far too powerful for me to put it next to the face of my precious companion, that has been with me for years. Again, I considered another option, take the bit that is on this powerful machine and put it on a dremmel tool.
Poor Baby in the meantime is struggling with the bone on her jaw and her gums and chin are swelling, now I have no room to put my fingers underneath to protect her face from the power tool.
I don't want you to think that I messed up my pooch,  I came up with a way to protect her, I slipped a butter knife under the bone, protecting her face, then I threw a towel over her eyes to protect them.
I began cutting away at the bone, being careful to keep her calm and not letting my hand slip. It seem like it took forever, but with out much more effort I cut the bone away from her precious face.
Dogs are like little kids, things that you think are safe, somehow manage to become a unexpected danger. I must admit, this almost beats the time I went Cat Fishing.

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