Written by Captain Mary on Thursday, October 30, 2008

The election is just around the corner, I completed my absentee ballot, because I needed the time to read carefully the tricky wording of the proposed amendments and such. It is amazing to see what they want from the citizens of this state. How they want to tax us if we use alternate energy, how they want us to pay for community colleges, when they already collect plenty of tuition.
I noticed so many things, how they want people who are making $6,000 to make over $91,000, I would call that a bit of a stretch. I thought that there should be more things to vote on, insurance, taxes, taxes and more taxes. It doesn't really look like we get much of a choice when it comes to the things that really effect us.
I know one thing that really bugs me is how much I am paying on my home taxes for schools, I haven't had a kid in school for years. I think that only the people who use the school system should pay for the schools. I don't generally pay for things that I don't need or want. Why do I have to pay for schools? I would rather pay for police and fire services, something that we all want to have. They cut the things that we all need to increase the things that only a few need! Does this sound American to you? We don't have health care or any of the things that really matter. The economy is shot, we constantly bail out the rich, they make mistakes and who pays for it.
I think I have rambled enough, my point is, we must vote in order to make those real changes. We have to make our voice loud and make them heard. Your vote represents the little guy, but only if the little guy gets out there and does his/her job.


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