Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, October 26, 2008

I had a group of women over the house yesterday for a Potluck BBQ, Shelah and I were the hosts of this fun event. It was a great opportunity to sit and relax with some beautiful, intelligent and fun women. It was a chance for most of us to get away for a couple of hours from the nagging kids or husbands. The air was full of laughter and some tears of joy. We enjoyed each others company, even though some of us had met for the first time.
Now the food was incredible, there were burgers and dogs, homemade dip, potato salad, beans, and much more, the deserts were sinful and I know that I will have to work out the calories that I consumed.
My spinning instructor, Ann, was there, and she is spinning this weekend for breast cancer. I will be getting ready soon to help support the cause. Our women's groups have to support each other and our causes, not to mention I do have breasts. Today, is a day to relax and perhaps pop over to my daughters house this weekend to watch the kids have fun at a Halloween Party. My friends will be there and it's a chance for me to meet more people. Have a great Sunday and enjoy the coming cool weather.

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