Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, October 05, 2008

I had a couple of my friends over last week and among the goodies they brought with them one of my friends gave us a small pumpkin each. She told us, "I will tell you the story of this pumpkin later in the evening". We enjoyed each others company and drank a glass of wine, celebrating our friendship. The evening nearing its end, we demanded the story of the little pumpkin and what it's symbolic meaning was.

Here is the story to the best of my knowledge: There was a time long ago in a far away kingdom, a little lady was alone raising her children. The lady was very poor and her children were very hungry, so she set out to find food for her family. She began searching while riding her cart along the lonely roads.

At the other end of the Kingdom was a large festival of royal proportions. The king of the festival had this yearly event and all the Nobel's were invited, the king would always give as gifts to the guests a bag of trinkets. Some trinkets of gold, silver, jewels and coins. This year the king wanted to do something different, so instead of presenting the guests with a bag of trinkets he presented them with pumpkins. As the guests departed the festival with their pumpkins, they were not impressed by the kings gesture and threw the wonderful pumpkins outside of the kingdom gates. Each guest casting their gift as they left the gates.

The little lady still searching for food for her family approaches the gates to the kingdom and finds many pumpkins. She was so excited that she would be able to feed her family for many months, for as we all know pumpkins stay fresh for a very long time. She arrived home after loading all the pumpkins on her cart. The little lady began to prepare the pumpkin for her family when upon opening the pumpkin she found untold wealth, the king had placed the usual trinkets inside of the pumpkins, there were jewels, gold, silver, and many more beautiful items. So when someone gives you a pumpkin, they are giving you the gift of "Untold Wealth and Riches", because they care about you.

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