Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I am trying hard to understand kids these days. I am certain that we had kids like this when I was growing up, I am now convinced that there are many more defiant children than in my days of high school. They have no fear or respect for anyone.

Monica and I were driving home after work and as luck would have it, we got stuck behind a school bus. We always have so much to talk about so it didn't matter much. The teenagers began to slowly shuffle off the bus, obviously with no signs of urgency. As the bus closed the big stop signs and began to drive off, groups of children shuffled back into the road. I was patiently waiting for them to realize that I needed the roadway. I had no way of going around them, because I was stuck in one of those single lane traffic slow downs. The kids, about 20 of them continued walking in the travel lanes, I finally had to beep my horn. After a toot on the horn, most of the kids moved to the shoulder, except for a young man, who had something to prove.

I am usually very patient when it comes to driving. Sometimes people are looking for a street or are lost, but this kid was trying to prove that he was bigger than my Chevy 4WD. I then put my hand firmly on the horn and held it. Nothing!, this kid was not going to move, so I proceeded down the road slowly until I bumped him. I saw a glimmer of fear in his eyes when he turned around and jumped on the hood of my car. I then told him that we were going to call the police. Another kid was ranting and raving saving she had no side walk  to walk on and called us names. Monica yelled out the window, that it didn't look like there was anything wrong with her legs, nor was she in a wheel chair. I finally won the road back, I was so flustered with disbelief. I just could not believe that these children thought they could stand up against a vehicle just to prove that they were idiots. Was this something this boy had to do as a challenge, how did he think it would turn out? I could have been a real crazy person and simply run him over. I probably shouldn't have bumped him, but I didn't want to get out of the truck and confront him, he was bigger then me.

I don't understand what the point of this exercise was, if you have a clue, please don't hesitate to comment. It was just one of those things that make me shake my head and think did this really happen. I am so baffled that these will be the people of the future. Perhaps future criminals!

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