Written by Captain Mary on Saturday, March 02, 2013

I have had my camera for years, before my trip to Africa, which means my camera is 8 years old. I have taken thousands of photos and still not realized my cameras potential. Recently, with the excitement of my upcoming trip to Alaska, I have examined the features on my camera much closer. As I examined all the buttons and switches, I noticed a button on the front of the camera that I had no idea of its function. I found this button released a ring, which allowed me to attach a series of available conversion lenses, who knew!!! Good thing I keep the manual handy.

So, what else could I do but get on the Internet and see if these lenses were still available for my camera. I went directly to the Canon site and much to my surprise they were out of stock and was longer going to carry them. Off to Amazon I went and found everything I wanted and needed for the camera for more than half the price of the manufacturer. The adapters and conversion lenses arrived today and I have been playing with them for hours. I was lucky to find that all those special effect filters I bought years ago, once more has a use.

Since the light was low I didn't get to really test the full potential of the new lenses, but I did get some shots that I liked. Special effects are so much fun, I only got to play with a couple of the new toys. For only $100 dollars, I now have a new camera, so to speak. The value of my camera still remains the same as when I purchased it, the newer models only have a few more features, so it was wise of me to invest just a little right now. I am certain that I will wear this camera out and it will be time for an upgrade, but for now I have a delightful new toy to play with.

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