Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, March 03, 2013

Today my daughter came over with a project in mind. She had been re-designing an old fashioned dress she found at a garage sale and was having a hard time working alone on the pinning, etc... I was browsing a new website, that is easily addictive, it is called "Pinterest", it has all kinds of things submitted by regular people, photography, crafts, gardening, and so much more. I came across a dress form while browsing, for those who do not sew, it is a replica of your body, so that you can design, alter and fit clothing to yourself. In the stores dress forms run from $300 to $500 bucks. I had a lot of the things in my house for this project, stuffing, cardboard, t-shirt, wrapping paper tube, etc...

We started by putting Monica in a long old t-shirt, starting cutting strips of duct tape and then wrapping it tightly around her body, until she was wrapped in duct tape. Enough layers made it a perfect form. I wish I could say it was my idea, but the finished product came from a few different sources. Monica examined all the different sources, picking out all the great ideas into one. This is not a project that you could do by yourself! It costs $3.99, the price of one roll of Duct tape. After she got it home her man made her a stand and it was probably from stuff around his garage. I would say it was a great project and saved hundreds of dollars. It took us a little more than an hour to complete this very functional project. I wish I was her size, I was the one who really wanted one of these things. Perhaps I will make one for myself. I love to re-make clothing, it is so much fun to change things up.

I do love all those domestic things, and now I am finding out that these things, sewing, crochet, knitting, and DIY projects are a lost skill. I grew up with mostly home-made clothing and I use to make my daughter and I matching outfits. We were so cute together, it all ended when my life got in the way. I now have more time to do things like this. It is a great stress reliever, because I am thrown into what I am doing. Plus I hate spending money on clothing, when I get my dress form made I am going to the Good Will store and spend some money on clothing with potential. I will be certain to show you updates on the next project.

If you need the directions for yourself go to "Pinterest" and search dress form. Good luck, it is worth a lot of laughs no matter how it comes out. You could always dress it up and put it in bed for your man.

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