Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I am a "Domicile Maintenance Technician" and come across some very interesting personalities in the course of a week. I have one special customer who carries a "Disabled Sticker" in his vehicle, this does not mean that he can't get around though.

Once a week I go to his house and go to work. This home is full of some amazing collections, art work, trophies of accomplishments, photos of cherish memories and so many other things that take a life to accumulated. So many of these collectibles are delicate in nature and care must be taken when moving around the house. Now that the environment is set I can tell you about some of my experiences with the Ninja.

One day while I was sitting on the floor dusting the trophies that he has collected and one toppled over onto the carpet. Now, I know that this could not have made a sound, suddenly a voice from behind me says to watch out not to break anything. My friend is a very large man, who seemly walked through the walls, because I didn't hear a sound of his approach. It startles me each and every time he does this to me. I don't think that I have ever broken anything and after more than a dozen years the Ninja should have a little more faith in me. I do understand that the collectibles, which I will refer to as "stuff" for now on, are fragile and very important to this family.

Another incident when the Ninja snuck up on me, was when I moved a pine cone off the carpet. Always sneaking up behind me, the Ninja appears out of no where. Seemingly knowing when I am going to topple or drop something before I do. In real life this man moves at a slow steady pace, but when he turns into Ninja he appears out of nowhere.

My daughter was working with me one day and she too had the Ninja experience. Monica was dusting along and precariously perched on a couple of books was a collectible car, which always drives off the books when anyone approaches. This time, just as the little car was driving away, Monica was startled by the Ninja. No matter what it is, the Ninja always shows up, if I ever do break anything I am certain that I will be caught red handed.

For years this happens to me on a regular basis, I think it has traumatised me, nah! Stealth and always there when something happens the "Ninja of the Collectibles" is always on my ass. I can honestly say that he among my most favorite people, always keeping me on my toes, with an enormous smile always on his face. Perhaps one day I will be faster than the Ninja and catch him walking through walls or flying through the air.

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