Written by Captain Mary on Friday, January 11, 2013

For so long I have been dragging. In the past I was full of energy and for the last couple of years I became over-weight. I am still over-weight and started eating right only a week ago. I not only lost 6 pounds, but my energy level went through the roof. I guess KFC and MikeyD don't really contain the nutrients a body requires.

My habits are horrible, some small changes have made an enormous difference. I have several deficiencies in my daily diet, the first being my water consumption. I keep hearing about how many glasses of water a person needs to drink, I couldn't think of how much I consume until I did and experiment. I filled a gallon jug with water and took it with me everywhere I went. By noon I noticed that I don't even come close to consuming what I need to. Now, that gallon jug is my challenge, I make a conscious effort to finish that water by the end of each day. Noticing after only a week the improvements in my skin, that has obviously been dehydrated for a very long time.

My second bad habit is how many times a day I eat. I am having a hard time with this one. I have to make a lunch and again having to think about eating more often. I have always just eaten one meal a day, and it was enormous, after which I would pass out on the couch. Which then effected my sleeping habits. A late nap would prevent me from sleeping more than a couple hours at a time and not till after 2 am. I have somehow eliminated that nap, without even thinking about. I am not exhausted by 3 pm anymore. When I get home I don't sit down, but get all kinds of things done. I even spent some time scrap booking last night. Still bad about eating, I decided that juicing would be the thing to do. I can't possible consume the vegetables and fruits that are required, so I drink it. Juicing allowed me to consume this in a healthy way, instead of all these drinks they offer as meal replacements at the grocery store. I spent quite a bit on veggies and fruits, but I made over 2 gallons of juice. If I can drink at least 3 glasses a day I push my metabolism to the max. You must be thinking that it has to taste a bit gross. Well, I have figured a way to push the flavor button.

With some research I found the herbs that are super beneficial for my needs. I use cloves, cinnamon, ginger, parsley, oregano, sage, and rosemary. I put all these dry herbs through my coffee maker and made an amazing tasting tea, which I dumped into my juice. Now, I can't help drinking this fantastic flavored juice. I don't know why I didn't think of this before. Not only did I make a great juice, but I couldn't help thinking about all that stuff that goes into the compost pile after juicing, so again an idea popped into my head. I put all that gunk into a pot with water and more beneficial herbs such as garlic and red peppers, making an amazing broth for those late night craving. I put the broth into containers and froze them. Now, I can put something more into my lunch box with virtually no calories, and it was marked for the trash. I prepared all this stuff in one day and now have plenty for more than a week or so.

Which leaves the protein, ground turkey for the times I want to cook. On the day I did all the juicing I also prepared some chicken and boiled a bunch of eggs, everything now ready to eat. I make a great effort for easy and it now is. I still have a lot of bad habits, but just changing these two has made an amazing difference in the way my body feels. Diets suck, so this is not a diet but the right way to consume the food I need for energy and get all the important nutrients that I need. Wish me luck and a healthy day as I wish for you.

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