Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A lot of people just don't believe in the after life. I have far too many experiences with people or even pets that have passed, and somehow get my attention. I may not get you to be a believer, but maybe I can get you to open your mind just a bit.

I think it would be rather silly to believe that it is only real if you can see it, look at all the people who believe in God, for example. That is not the only thing, but proven science allows us to receive sound through the air to our cell phones, radios and other devices, but not only that, we can see pictures, television for example. We don't see these things flying through the air, but yet they are there, all around us and perhaps right through us. O.K., perhaps your mind is just a little bit open, for the skeptics that is.

I want to tell you a story that happened to me a few weeks ago. I arrived at my customers house as usual, my original client, Nancy,  passed away over two years ago on Valentines Day. We use to spent many mornings sitting and chatting, before I would go on and do my work. I loved her so much, her stories were exotic and her talent in miniatures was amazing. I didn't think this day was any different than any other cleaning day, since her departure.

As I walk in the house, I walk over to Nancy's urn, that contained her precious remains, and touch it. I would say hello to her each time I arrived at the house. During the course of the day I would pass by and again touch the urn. This same day I was drawn to the urn over and over again, which seemed strange to me. I kept the information in my brain for now, because I believe each time you think of someone, they are thinking about you.

Progressing my cleaning to the next room, the miniature room, I dusted what I could, everything extremely delicate, I don't do much in this room for fear of wrecking hours of someones work. You can ask my customers, I am considered a bit of a bull in a China shop cleaning lady. I was strangely drawn to the closet door, which I had never opened before, because this room only got a lick and a promise.

I grabbed the handle of the door and pulled it open. Upon opening the door, I was shocked at what I had uncovered. So stunned that I jumped back and began to cry, standing there before me was a life size poster of my dear departed friend, Nancy, with an enormous smile on her face. After recovering from the initial surprise, I began to smile and had to say hello. I told my dear friend that I clearly got her message, and closed the door.

Finishing my work and heading home, still with her in my thoughts. I miss her dearly and I am reminded how much when I visit her home. But, that is not the end of the story. Every other week I go back to the house and this time her daughter, Sandy, was home ill. So, we chatted and I couldn't help talking about her mom, my friend, who we both had in common. I told Sandy the story of the closet. She looked at me with her head tilted to the side, as if she was thinking. Sandy, then asked me what day it that this happened. Not giving me any more information at this point, I continued with my story of the closet. I told her that I had always greeted Nancy by touching her urn, but have never opened that closet door before. Sandy smiled and said to me that it was her mothers birthday on that exact day.

I clearly understood that my friend, Nancy, was celebrating her birthday with me, perhaps this special occasion brought her home and low and behold I was there to see her smiling face on that giant poster. Which according to her daughter was put away in the closed laying sideways among other things, not facing straight ahead as if Nancy herself was standing in the doorway. Her daughter and I both astonished at the facts and after the goose-bumps went down on my arms I couldn't help smiling again. Because Nancy was always smiling.

A special thing happened that day and if I had ignored the signs and my feelings, I would have missed the visit entirely. If people would pay more attention to the thoughts that just pop into our heads, or the flashes we see speed by the corner of our eyes, I think we would enjoy so much more when thinking about the people who have passed ahead of us. I really believe that it is their way of saying hello or letting us know they are thinking about us too. Nancy I will see you again soon, even if it is in the closet. By the way Happy Birthday!

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