Written by Captain Mary on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am feeling so great these days I don't know what to do with myself. I can feel my body returning to normal, if anything I do could be considered normal! Anyway, with encouragement from friends and a cancellation in my work schedule I made it to a class. Not certain what Yoga is all about, I figured it was slow enough for my old broken body. I have a genetic advantage, I am very flexible, which means I can touch my toes, even with my big gut in the way.

A few of my customers do Yoga and they are in excellent condition, they told me how great they feel after. I had not heard a negative comment about this exercise ever. So, I am at class and it starts out pretty simple, I could feel the stretch. As the class progressed the difficulty increased, it was then I realized that it takes strength to accomplish some of these crazy poses. I found my arms and legs shaking as I forced myself to hold it. It is very isometric, which works for me, since my lack of any kind of exercise has left me pretty weak. Today, was an eye opening experience. Just trying to keep my ass up in the air was a challenge in itself. I laughed at myself and enjoyed the class dynamic.

I botched one of the poses and ended up rolling on the floor and almost rolled on top of my Matt mate. The class roared with laughter, which is always good medicine for me. If you can't laugh at yourself than you are just too damn serious. The rest of my day was energized and happy. I don't think that I could stress about anything if I wanted to!

The class continued and we were almost finished with our work-out, when Shelah, our instructor, said that we should have a little fun and try a pose that is very difficult. I am always open for a challenge, it's my nature. So, her daughter got in front of the class to demonstrate this pose, I could not believe my eyes. I thought Shelah must be out of her mind, who could do this without a lot of attempts and crashes on their heads? Everyone in the class gave it an attempt and so did I. Several attempts later and I managed to get it done. It was a pose I could only hold for seconds, but the important part was that I got it done.

A boost to my ego, a good laugh, and an hour with friends. What a way to interrupt the work week.

One thing about this pose is my ass doesn't look as big as it is. Pretty impressive pose if I do say so myself. I guess you are never too old for Yoga.

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