Written by Captain Mary on Friday, January 11, 2013

Oh how I love my kids, I must! They are all off paddling on the Peace River while I stay home with all my grand dogs. Hanna, the Shepard: Barclay, the springer spaniel: Alley, the Shepard, husky mix: plus my two. I would say Kamp is full.

I was busy at work while Hanna and Alley were dropped off at my house, after work I went and picked up Barclay. I was pretty slick and came in the back door, so I didn't have any run aways. I left Barclay outside, so that the animal interaction was minimal, Bogey and Kiwi were safely locked away in my bedroom.

Much to my surprise I walked in to a major disaster, food bowl knocked over and food all over, mixed with dog pee pee. Alley is just a puppy and I guess she just couldn't hold it. That wasn't all, there were toys all over the place as if the toy box exploded. They were happy to see someone who was going to open the door to the great outdoors. I really couldn't get mad, I think I even giggled a bit, that was after I cleaned up all the pee pee. And thank goodness my delivery of orange oil came, the perfect time for a strong smelling deodorant cleaner and I can eat it if I want.

After a mere five hours Barclay and Alley finally laid down, poor Hanna planted by the front door awaiting her family's return. Kiwi was the one who was relentlessly picked on. Bogey, on the other hand got a few good bites in on ankles, enough to let them know who the boss was. I don't know what Jason is going to do with Barclay, he humps everything, he just hasn't figured out the right end of the dog to hump. Poor Alley is literally getting head. My feet are a sticky mess from all the drool and the smell of dog is so strong I can't smell the odor of cigarettes. I anticipated as much and this morning I picked up half a dozen odor absorbers. So far so good, I just hope that all the dogs leave me a little room in bed for sleep. Not that I let them, but Barclay always sneaks in and I don't know a thing about Alley, except she is funny looking.

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