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This story was inspired by two very special rats and two very special children who had them as pets. The rats passed away of old age, Mama, but she had a life of adventure. Taylor was loved and will be missed also. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.


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It all started in a little pet shop, where two baby rats named Sloan and Jack were living. People would come to the pet shop looking to adopt animals, some people would look through the glass and see Sloan, Jack and the other baby rats and they would always say, "Rats are yucky". Sloan didn't like that kind of talk, because she knew she was special. Jack didn't really care, he was too busy playing and having fun with the others.

One day a lady named Miss Jane peeked through the glass and pointed at Sloan and Jack, after a couple of minutes the store caretaker came back and took Sloan and Jack out of the cage and put them in a dark little box. They sat in the box very quiet, it was a bumpy ride, but then the box opened and a gentle hand picked them up and put them in a brand new home.

Sloan and Jack were so excited, there were toys and treats of all kinds. Jack said, "Sloan it's the lady from the pet shop". Miss Jane thought that they were cute and her children would just love them.

When the children got home from school they ran to see what their Mom had brought home for them. The children looked down into the cage to see Sloan and Jack. Sloan didn't know what to think about these small people, but they didn't call us yucky, and that was good. Rats have feelings too.

Days went by and the children would play with Sloan and Jack everyday. Sloan was always cleaning herself, because she wanted to look pretty like a princess. Sloan and Jack were allowed to run around the whole house, they would follow the children because they always seemed to drop crumbs of food to eat. There was also a dog at their new home, the dog was named Scruffy and he would play with the little rats too.

Scruffy would pick up Sloan and they played together on the couch. Sloan would run across Scruffy and tickle him, they played hide and seek. Jack was more adventurous, he was always climbing up somewhere and always falling off of things. Jack was a clumsy rat, not like Sloan who was always busy making herself pretty.

The little rats were so happy, they lived in a home that didn't call them yucky, but once in awhile a visitor would come over and call them names. Calling anything a bad name is not nice, even if they are rats.

Sloan and Jack were very smart little rats, when they got tired they would go back to their cage and rest and other times they would follow Miss Jane out to the garden where they could play in the yard.

One day Scruffy took Jack outside and he got lost, Jack didn't know how to find his way back into the house. Jack climbed up on things and into little holes he found, but still couldn't find his way back into the house. Then night time came and Jack was all alone, he was very brave and knew Miss Jane would look for him soon. Jack found a nice little hole and curled up to go to sleep.

The next day Jack still didn't find his way, so he looked for help, he found a cat. Jack didn't know that cats eat rats. So he went right up to the cat and stood up asking, "Can you help me find my way, I am lost." The cat was so surprised to see a rat like this, it just looked down at Jack. At that very moment Miss Jane was outside looking for Jack and noticed the cat was looking at something. Miss Jane ran as quickly as she could to see and there was Jack, she picked Jack up and gave him a kiss. Miss Jane was so happy to see Jack, she brought him back in the house and to the cage where Sloan was. Sloan was so happy to see Jack, they played for hours.

Miss Jane and the children made sure that Sloan and Jack were always cared for and that visitors understood they were part of the family. Even though they were different, they were always loved.


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