Written by Captain Mary on Friday, October 21, 2011

I have been writing letters lately to two people that I love very much. Unfortunately they are incarcerated. I have been sending them encouragement and hopes. The both of them are there in the “Big House” for hurting no one, but themselves. I can’t help thinking about how the punishment should fit the crime. I look at the news and see how people are walking the streets after rape, attempted murder, assault, child molestation & murder.

I just don’t get it, my two loves are on government vacation for growing some herbs and the other for who knows what, none of it makes sense to me. All I know is that we the taxpayer are spending money for their food, housing and education. What they were convicted of didn’t hurt anyone. Does this government really have the brains to do the right thing?

I am sick of watching people who don’t belong on the planet walking the streets right next to me and the people who have a non-violent crime locked up behind bars. What is wrong with this picture? I say if you know someone who is like these two, drop them a line and give them some words of encouragement. For certain tell them that it is a great opportunity to read those books, get their GED, or start their college or vocational education. Tell them if they are stuck there, then by all means use the government to get what you need to be a success when you leave the confines of that God forsaken place.

These people could be your family or friends, let them know what is going on and keep them part of your life as if they were there. Before you know it, they will be home and I imagine more violent than when they were put there. For these people incarceration does them more harm than good. A letter from you could mean a few minutes with a smile on their face and perhaps a feeling that they have something to look forward to.

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