Written by Captain Mary on Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I wrote a brief story of my life and relationships. I noticed that I had a comment awaiting moderation. I was flattered to see that an X of mine's wife had replied. It seems that she still finds me as some kind of threat, why else would she go through so much trouble to find me and monitor my blog. Anyway, I thought I would let everyone get a glimpse of her comment:

Linda said...

c'mon if ur gonna tell the story at least get it right mary!andy left you after thanksgiving and we married 2 months later and he was in the delivery room the day our son was born i have pics to prove that ! i got everything you ever wanted from andy in a matter of months his baby and a wedding ring ! my x took you skydiving and you ran out of the dive shop crying !yeah he cheated but i understood he had to grow up with me and you know what 20 yrs later he has worked his ass off for our family he's my best catch!as for changing the sheets we never did it in your bed,just your couch ,livingroom floor and best of all your boat several times!why did'nt you add how he helped you get off crack !i told him about your blog he thinks ur pathedic! if you're gonna tell the story get it right ! lmao !!!!

Well let me address her comment, just as a matter of clarification. First of all let me say that my blog is my version of my life, not anyone else, just read my Disclaimer. Lets start with what I wanted from Andy, well it was no more than fun. I would never consider him as spouse material. My kids hated him and it doesn't take more than that for me to decide on a person. I am glad that he has grown up and finally took responsibility for himself. I can't help to wonder why my words are so important to  Ms. Linda. Andy, was not the only person in my life, granted he was around for awhile. Linda had to read quite a bit of content to get to the places where he was mentioned, and she calls me pathetic! As for skydiving, her X was not there at all. Where did you get that from? I can understand why she dumped her X, talk about boring. My daughter and I spent the day together, I have film to prove that. The dive shop incident, I didn't run anywhere, those people are still my friends and they don't remember the alternate version of the event at all. I continued working at that dive shop and Ms. Linda was no where to be found after that day. As for Andy getting me off drugs, that is the biggest joke of all, he only dated me because I had drugs. When I no longer shared them is when the relationship went to the shitter.  Seriously his drug problem is what lead him to loose his captains license, not mine, we took the same drug test, only I passed. After he departed from my life, things became so much simpler and I have done all the things that I have wanted to do. I have traveled the world and have friends around the globe. What more could a person want. I have everything that I need.

Life has it's ups and downs, My life has no exception. I can honestly say that my relationship with Andy was a learning experience which I prefer not to relive each time his wife has a comment or moment of insecurity. I hope Ms. Linda gets over me, because I have gotten over her. Water under the bridge!!!! I hope that everybody takes this opportunity to send a comment to this post. I am certain that Ms. Linda will be monitoring my site until I have died.

Just think, do you know anyone who stalks their husbands X girl friends? Cyber stalking is a crime, only because they don't have a life.

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ REPLY TO A COMMENT ”

  2. By Anonymous on October 5, 2011 at 10:31 PM

    Hey Mary
    Just read this post! THis is great! Funny thing, but if this is the same Andy I am thinking about...didn't he just about sleep with everyone in the Keys! LOL I am glad Ms. Linda was able to get what she wanted, everyone else's sloppy seconds! And he got you off drugs, yeah I remember how that went too. Umm...I believe that he would beat you up until he got his drugs. Your kids hated him and for good reason, he was a POS. Sorta reminds me of one of my ex's. All fun and no work! I personally don't remember you being too upset about it to the point of crying. If my memory serves me correct, you just slept with somone else....Bob right! He was head over heals over you and fast. Good thing that was short lived. He was old! LOL You are a great woman and you shouldn't let jealous people bother you. I have a great quote just for this, seems appropriate considering all this time has passed.

    Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
    Robert A. Heinlein

  3. By Anonymous on October 7, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    Interesting that you never mentioned to whom you were speaking of. Thank Linda for letting the cat out of the bag. I believe that when you commit the acts that she did, insecurity would probably go right along with it, as I'm sure she still thinks it could happen to her. How very sad that she continues to allow guilt to fill her mind, and remains threatened by you. Pathetic might be twenty years have passed and eleven years ago he was still trying to make contact with you through your mother. Right, your mother made sure you never got that message, as you had a wonderful husband, Steve, who is missed greatly. Now that's a man. That Linda still stalks you after all this time shows that therapy is in her cards, and I hope she finds resolve in treatment. Also, I suggest you block her and notify the police department should she try to contact you again, as this has gone on far too long.