Written by Captain Mary on Sunday, October 23, 2011

 A day at the shooting range. I haven't really shot a gun for 25 years or so. This was a learning experience. Off to a private range to shoot some skeet. It was my first time with a 12 gauge shot gun and we were going to shoot moving targets. What! I did better than I expected, yes I did hit some. Learning to hold this monster shot gun was the hardest part, my arms are just not long enough. The guys were teaching the girls using step by step instructions. It was much easier in theory than to follow through with their instructions. The weight was more than I expected. I understand that the guys wanted us to learn the safety procedures and loading the gun all by ourselves. For us it was like trying to put a square peg in a round hole, a bit impossible. The competitive nature of my family supersedes the impossible. After a couple of clay targets went flying into the trees we began knocking the sh..t out of them.

What motivated this family outing was the fact that the guys just bought some new weapons and wanted to try them out.

My granddaughter, Shy-Anne, amazed us all. Here she had just cut down a bush with the shot gun after we ran out of moving targets. The smile on her face signifies great pride in a job well done. The adrenaline rush from the power of these weapons, makes me understand why people own them. So much to think about when operating weapons, safety, sighting, stances, and a bunch of other s's. I know Jason has been shooting on a regular basis and his skill at hitting the moving targets was very natural. It is a great way to sharpen your skills. I have confidence now that if someone enters my home unannounced, they will have no chance to change their mind. That means they should have never walked through the door in the first place.

After shooting a several hundred rounds at the skeet range we wanted to try out the hand guns, Glocks! Seems to be a popular weapon, just like shoes, they are in style right now.
I know one thing, this hobby is a bit expensive, its a shame too, because if more people knew more about operating weapons, there wouldn't be so many accidents. We were out for about six hours, in a real environment doing something as a family with respect for each other. Anytime a family is together learning new things, even if it is just about each other, it makes the day worthy of an event to remember.

Here Jeff stands watching over Shy, because after the weapon is loaded a teenager still forgets it is a gun and tends to sling it around. Shy kept us amused with some of her comments. As Jason was showing her how to load the shot gun she says "I can't it will ruin my nails", we laughed, girls will be girls. As the day progress Shy stood empty handed and shouted back, "Hey, someone give me a gun". She finally stopped making excuses and focused more on just having fun. A must admit she is a pretty good shot! (By the way this picture appears to be shooting over water, it is an illusion, it is a cross road)

Looks like I have been doing this forever, doesn't it? I am loading the 22 which is a really easy to handle rifle, without all that kick that bruised my shoulder earlier in the day with the 12 gauge. We were shooting heavy rounds with the shot gun, they were given to us for free, a bit too much kick for me.
After the day was over we headed back to Jason's house and enjoyed conversation about our day together. I think I have the greatest family ever, we do so many things together and I feel like the luckiest person on earth, I find myself so content most of the time.

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