Written by Captain Mary on Monday, October 31, 2011

I belong to this fantastic social group, The Upper Keys Sons & Daughters of Italy. Most everybody is Italian or of Italian descent. We allow a ten percent social membership, just for fun. And they are all fun. We have young members and old. This is our third Annual Dinner Dance and it is my second time attending. The group was only established a mere 4 years ago and our membership is over 200 strong. I danced the night away, the music was old and new, Italian and everything in between.

 I spent most of the evening dancing and enjoying the company of my friend Tony, my Dad and his friend Marlene, my sister and brother-in-law. Dad was my guest, but if you didn't know, he was just like a part of the chapter. We had the dinner at the Big Chill, a Jimmy Johnson restaurant. They do a fantastic job, the wine flowed like water, courtesy of the chapter. Our servers had to be the best, all you would have to do is think of what you wanted and it magically appeared. I danced so much that I lost the soles of my new shoes, they just flew off. By the end of the night, it turned into the old people version of Dirty Dancing. The best we could do with our decrepit bodies. Romance in the air, love and slow dancing. A night out for the chapter membership is without a doubt some of the best fun ever.

 The music was so familiar that one could not help to sing a-long, as you can see my Dad was doing. Everybody danced and sung, the best song had to be "We are family" by Sly and the Family Stone. Every person was on the dance floor, even the ones who didn't dance the whole night. This was the song to bring it on down!
I find it so easy to play the Italian way, it is an opportunity to be back where your heritage began, but in Key Largo. I remember when I was growing up and visiting Boston, where most of my extended family lives, there was always this closeness and family was always number one. Being in a community of Italians, is like going home. I will fondly remember the fruit carts and the accents along the city streets where all the Italians lived in East Boston. The Sons & Daughter of Italy is like that, are monthly meetings, full of food, special events, and bocce balls.That's not what happens when it gets cold, it's a game. I am still smiling from all the fun, I could use more days like this.

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